How to Increase Battery of Apple iPhone

How to Increase Battery of Apple iphone

So do you want to Know how to increase battery of apple Iphone ? if yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the guide to Increase battery backup of any apple iPhone .Everyone loves their iPhone. Especially the amazing iOS experience and the beautiful camera that comes along with it. When your iPhone runs out of battery, asking Siri to tell you jokes becomes a thing of past. Here brings you a list of things that you can do to keep your iPhone running longer.

Don’t kill App from running in Background

Unlike the common myth, killing apps and then restarting them over and over again drains your iPhone of its battery more than anything. Instead just leave the app that you frequently use running in the background. This keeps your iPhone from reloading all the information that is needed to run the app.

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Do stop Background App refresh

The biggest enemy of your battery is the background app refresh. You don’t need to load all the stupid jokes in the school group on Whatsapp. Just go to Setting>General>Background App Refresh and look for apps that you can do without refreshing in the background.

Turn on Low Power Mode

To save yourself a lot of trouble, you can just turn on the low power mode. If you are running iOS 11, just go to the control panel (swipe from the bottom) and press the battery icon. If you are on iOS 10 or earlier, just go to Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode.

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Turn off Raise to Wake

You know how every time you take your iPhone in your hands, it lights up and you beautifully unlock your phone. Turns out there is a lot of battery that is used to check if your iPhone is elevated and simply turning this off can save you a lot of battery.

No more “Hey Siri”

Hey Siri, uses your microphone and keeps your microphone always turned on, waiting to hear the phrase “Hey Siri”. This feature is also automatically turned off if you have the low power mode on, just like background app refresh.

Switch to Wi-Fi

Cellular Data although, is convenient, isn’t the best thing if you wish to save battery. If you have an option just switch to a Wi-Fi Network or if you are using LTE, switch over to 3G or 2G data by going to Setting>Cellular Data>Voice and Data>3G or 2G.

If you iPhone is still draining too quickly, is might be possible because your device is old or the iPhone’s battery is damaged. Reach out to RootUpdate for more queries about your iPhone Battery

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