Meta Verified Blue Tick Vs. Original Blue Tick Instagram : How to Know Difference

Meta Verified Blue Tick Vs. Original Blue Tick Instagram: How to Know Difference: Are you an Instagram user who wants to stand out above the rest? If so, you may have considered getting a blue tick verification on your account. This coveted symbol indicates that your profile is authentic and of public interest. However, with the rise of Meta Verified Blue Tick, confusion has arisen among users about its differences from the original Instagram Blue Tick. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about these two verifications. From their benefits and drawbacks to how they work and how much they cost, we’ll help you understand which one fits your needs best. So buckle up and get ready for the ultimate guide on Meta Verified Blue Tick Vs Original Blue Tick!

The debate between Meta Verified Blue Tick and Original Blue Tick is now trending on Instagram. We’ve produced an outline of what we’ll cover in this blog post to assist you navigate the subject.

We shall define Meta Verified and explain how it works. This information will help you better understand the account verification process.

Following that, we’ll weigh the benefits and drawbacks of adopting Meta Verified vs the original Instagram Blue Tick. Before determining which verification to pursue, it is critical to understand the differences between the two.

Following that, we’ll show you how to spot a Meta Verified account on Instagram. Knowing how to tell the difference between verified and unverified accounts might help you establish yourself as an influencer or public personality.

We’ll also go over how to earn a blue tick on Instagram, both traditionally and through Meta Verification services.

Furthermore, we will go over pricing and eligibility conditions for earning the coveted Meta Verification badge so that you can determine whether it is worthwhile to pursue based on your financial limits.

We’ll compare obtaining meta verified from our service providers here at XYZ company to several paid verification services available out there. By examining all of these alternatives side by side, you should be able to make an informed conclusion about which verification method is best for you!

What is Meta Verified and How Does it Work?

What is Meta Verified and How Does it Work?
What is Meta Verified and How Does it Work?

Instagram just launched a new form of verification badge to its users called Meta Verified. This verification mark distinguishes real accounts from imposters and adds an extra layer of legitimacy. Unlike the original blue tick, which was exclusively offered to public figures, celebrities, or corporations with huge followings, Meta Verified is open to the whole public.

So, how exactly does Meta Verification work? It’s quite simple! Instagram will evaluate whether your account fulfils their authenticity criteria when you apply for Meta Verification and submit all of the essential information about yourself or your brand. Confirmed email addresses and phone numbers associated with your account are among the criteria.

If everything checks up in terms of authenticity, you’ll be awarded a beautiful new blue checkmark – the Meta Verified badge!

The best aspect about this tool is that it allows small businesses or influencers with a tiny following to get their profiles verified as real without paying any costs. So, if you want to get verified on Instagram, try Meta Verification!

Comparison between Meta Verified and Original Instagram Blue Tick

Comparison between Meta Verified and Original Instagram Blue Tick
Comparison between Meta Verified and Original Instagram Blue Tick

When it comes to verifying an Instagram account, there are two types of blue ticks: the original blue tick and the Meta Verified blue tick. The original blue tick is a symbol that indicates that the account belongs to a public figure, celebrity or brand. On the other hand, Meta Verified is a newer verification system developed by Facebook where they verify accounts with their own team.

The following is a comparison of Meta Verified and the original Instagram Blue Tick:


Meta Verified: Meta Verified is a subscription-based verification service provided by Meta, Instagram’s and Facebook’s parent business. Users can pay a monthly charge to have a blue tick verification badge added to their accounts.
The original Instagram Blue Tick, often known as the verified badge, is a sign used to denote the validity of high-profile Instagram accounts. Instagram bestows it on people who meet certain criteria, such as being a public figure, celebrity, or worldwide brand.


Meta Verified is now offered in a limited number of countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Users can sign up to receive notifications when Meta Verified is available in their area.
The original Instagram Blue Tick has been available for eligible accounts all across the world. Instagram’s verification method for the blue tick is not open to everyone and is selected by Instagram using their own criteria.


Users must subscribe to the service and pay a monthly charge to obtain Meta Verified. Meta Verified costs $11.99 a month on the web and $14.99 per month on the iPhone.
Instagram Original Blue Tick: The original Instagram Blue Tick is free of charge. It is a verification symbol provided by Instagram at no cost.

Advantages and features:

Subscribing to Meta Verified provides various advantages, including the blue tick verification symbol, enhanced visibility on platforms, prioritised customer service, and additional impersonation security against accounts pretending to be the user. The precise features and benefits may differ depending on Meta’s testing and updates.
Instagram Original Blue Tick: The original Instagram Blue Tick acts as a visual indicator of the validity of an account. It assists users in distinguishing between authentic accounts and impersonators, increasing trust and trustworthiness.

Procedure for Verification:

Meta Verified: As part of the verification procedure, users must give a government ID to acquire Meta Verified. Further information about the verification procedure may differ depending on Meta’s regulations and guidelines.
Original Instagram Blue Tick: To get the original Instagram Blue Tick, you must first meet Instagram’s eligibility requirements, which include being a public figure, celebrity, or worldwide business. Instagram evaluates account legitimacy before awarding the blue tick verification badge.

The intended audience is as follows

Meta Verified is aimed towards individual users who want a verified badge on their Instagram and Facebook pages. It is not currently accessible for commercial use.

The original Instagram Blue Tick is accessible for both individual users and businesses who match Instagram’s eligibility criteria.

The easiest way to determine whether an Instagram account is legacy verified or Meta verified is by checking the followers. In a Meta verified account, you can see all the followers associated with the account. On the other hand, in a legacy verified account, you can only see a limited number of followers.

Pros and Cons of Using Meta Verified

Pros and Cons of Using Meta Verified
Pros and Cons of Using Meta Verified

Meta Verified is a subscription service for Instagram and Facebook users offered by Meta (previously known as Facebook). Account verification with the blue tick badge, account impersonation prevention, special stickers, increased reach, and access to human support agents are all available to subscribers. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of utilising Meta Verified:

Advantages of Using Meta Verified:

Account Verification: One of the primary advantages of Meta Verified is the possibility to get the desired blue tick badge, which represents account legitimacy and can boost credibility. This validation is especially significant for content providers who want to promote themselves as experts in a given sector.

Account Impersonation Protection: Meta Verified provides account monitoring to keep impersonators at bay. This feature helps to ensure that your account is not misrepresented or used maliciously by others.

Subscribers to Meta Verified have access to exclusive stickers that can be used in Instagram Stories and Reels. These stickers can bring a unique and creative touch to your work.

Meta Verified provides increased reach, yet specifics on how this is accomplished are not addressed in the available information. It suggests that subscribing to Meta Verified may provide your account with improved visibility or exposure.

Human Support Agents: Another benefit of Meta Verified is the availability of human support agents. Subscribers can use this tool to get personalised help and support for any issues they may be having on Instagram or Facebook.

The disadvantages of using Meta Verified are as follows:

Subscription Fee: The Meta Verified subscription fee is $14.99/month on iOS and Android platforms, or $11.99/month for an alternative sign-up option. The recurring monthly price may not be appropriate for everyone, especially those who do not believe the additional features and benefits are worth the expense.

Limited Availability: At the time of publication, Meta Verified was only available to individual content providers in a few countries, including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Because of this constraint, businesses and users in other regions may be unable to use the service.

Lack of precise Information: There is a lack of precise information on Meta Verified, such as how extended reach is achieved or the amount of account impersonation security. More detail on these features would be helpful in making an informed decision about subscribing.

Finally, Meta Verified provides Instagram and Facebook users with account verification, account impersonation protection, special stickers, extended reach, and human support agents. The advantages include increased credibility, impersonation prevention, unique stickers, more visibility, and personalised support. The subscription cost, limited availability, and lack of explicit information about particular services, on the other hand, may be regarded negatives.

How to Identify a Meta Verified Account on Instagram

How to Identify a Meta Verified Account on Instagram
How to Identify a Meta Verified Account on Instagram

On Instagram, search for the blue tick mark symbol next to the account’s name to identify a Meta Verified account. This symbol shows that the account has been verified and confirmed by Instagram as the genuine presence for that person or brand.

It is crucial to remember, however, that not all Instagram verified accounts are Meta Verified accounts. The Meta Verified badge appears precisely like the conventional verified emblem, so you can’t tell the difference merely by looking at it.

To determine whether an account is Meta Verified or not, go to their profile and see if they mention Meta Verified in their bio. If Meta Verified is stated, it signifies that the account has signed up for Instagram’s Meta Verified bundle and has access to additional account support services.

One of the easiest ways to identify a Meta Verified profile on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is by examining the followers section. If you click on the follower’s list, and it shows ‘All Followers’ instead of ‘Followers only the owner can see’, then it means the account is Meta Verified.

This is because once an account subscribes for the Meta Verification bundle, all their followers are visible to the public. On the other hand, if it says ‘Followers only the owner can see,’ then it means the account is originally verified, which is the basic level of verification provided by social media platforms.

While this is not the only way to identify a Meta Verified profile, it is one of the simplest and most reliable methods to do so.

How to Get a Blue Tick on Instagram (Original vs. Meta Verified)

How to Get a Blue Tick on Instagram (Original vs. Meta Verified)
How to Get a Blue Tick on Instagram (Original vs. Meta Verified)

There are multiple ways to earn a Blue Tick (verified badge) on Instagram depending on whether you are referring to the original Instagram platform or the Meta platform (previously known as Facebook). Here’s a rundown of the procedure for both platforms:

Instagram Original Verification:

  • Instagram verification is the process of receiving a blue checkmark badge indicating that your Instagram account is genuine and belongs to the person, brand, or organisation it represents.
  • The Instagram verification badge is not available to everyone, and there is no minimum amount of followers required for verification. It’s more about being notable, honest, and satisfying Instagram’s precise standards.
  • To apply for verification on the original Instagram platform, follow these steps:
  • Go to your profile in the Instagram app.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) and select “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and select “Account” followed by “Request Verification.”
  • Fill up the blanks with your account username, full name, and a government-issued photo ID or official business documents.
  • Submit your request and wait for a response from Instagram. They will check your account and advise you via email or notification whether your request was allowed or denied.
  • It’s crucial to note that meeting the verification criteria does not ensure verification, as Instagram has the final say on whether or not to award the blue tick badge.

Verified by Meta (on Instagram and Facebook):

  • Meta Verified is a verification programme offered by the Meta business that is available on both Instagram and Facebook. It displays a blue checkmark badge to indicate the account’s legitimacy.
  • Meta Verified is currently available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and India.
  • You must be 18 years or older to be eligible for Meta Verified, and the verification option is not currently available for all sites or businesses.
  • Sign up or join the waitlist on Instagram or Facebook to remain up to date on the availability of Meta Verified in your location and be alerted when it becomes available.

Meta Verified Blue Tick Pricing and Eligibility Criteria

The Meta Verified Blue Tick is a premium verification system for Instagram and Facebook users introduced by Meta (previously known as Facebook). Here are the important details about Meta Verified price and eligibility criteria:

Meta Verified is presently available in the following countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

Eligibility: Meta Verified is available to persons aged 18 and over. It is not currently available in all locations or for commercial use. You may find out if you are eligible by signing up for notifications on Instagram or Facebook, or by joining the waitlist on these networks.

cost: Meta Verified cost varies based on area. In India, for example, the membership service costs Rs 699 for iOS and Android customers alike. Meta intends to make the service available to web users as well, with a planned fee of Rs 599.

Benefits: Meta Verified subscribers receive a verified badge, greater platform authenticity and security, immediate contact with support, increased search visibility, 100 free stars, and a digital currency for tipping creators on Facebook.

It’s worth noting that Meta Verified is a paid service that asks customers to produce a government ID for verification. The service attempts to improve the platforms’ legitimacy, security, and user experience.

Meta Verified Blue Tick vs. Paid Verification Services

Paid Verification Services vs. Meta Verified Blue Tick

Verification on social media platforms has grown in popularity in recent years, with several platforms providing verification programmes to differentiate real accounts from bogus ones. Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has joined the trend by launching Meta Verified, a premium verification service.

In exchange for a monthly subscription fee, Meta Verified allows users to receive a blue tick verification badge on Instagram and Facebook. This service attempts to improve platform security and authenticity by giving users with a verified status. Meta Verified costs $11.99 a month on the web and $14.99 for iPhone users. Currently, the subscription service is only offered in a few countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Meta intends to spread the service to additional nations in the future.

Users must be at least 18 years old and provide a government ID for verification in order to become Meta Verified. In exchange, users get privileges like impersonation protection, direct access to customer care, and the coveted blue tick badge. It should be noted that Meta Verified is currently only available to people and not businesses.

Meta Verified follows in the footsteps of Twitter, which launched its own premium verification service called Twitter Blue. This trend reflects a change in the social media sector towards paid subscription-based verification services.

Conclusion: Understanding the Value of Meta Verified Blue Tick on Instagram.

Both the Meta Verified Blue Tick and the Original Blue Tick on Instagram have advantages and disadvantages. While the Original Blue Tick continues to be a symbol of authenticity and grandeur, it is not widely available to all users. The Meta Verified Blue Tick, on the other hand, provides an alternate means of verification that may be more accessible to some accounts.

As an Instagram user or business owner trying to create trust with your audience, you need carefully assess which form of blue tick corresponds to your objectives. If you’re ready to pay for a paid verification service or meet Instagram’s tight eligibility requirements for the Original Blue Tick, go for it! However, if you want to establish reputation on this platform faster without breaking the bank or jumping through too many hoops, Meta Verified may be worth investigating.

Whether or if you pursue a blue tick badge should be determined by your personal needs as an individual or brand. Remember that authenticity and transparency are essential factors for success on social media platforms like Instagram, regardless of how you got there!


Faqs for : What is the difference between meta verified and blue tick?

1. What is a Meta Verified account on social media platforms?

Meta Verification is a premium verification service offered by social media giant, Facebook, through its parent company Meta. This service provides verified accounts with additional features and tools to enhance their online presence.

2. How does the verification process work for Meta Verified accounts?

The verification process for Meta Verified accounts is conducted by Facebook’s internal team. During the process, Facebook verifies the authenticity of the account by checking various factors like the user’s government-issued ID, business documents, press coverage, and other relevant information.

3. Can anyone apply for Meta Verification on social media platforms?

No, not all users are eligible to apply for Meta Verification. The application process is limited to public figures, celebrities, global brands, businesses, and organizations that meet Facebook’s strict criteria for verification.

4. What benefits do Meta Verified accounts have over regular accounts with blue ticks?

Meta Verified accounts come with additional features and tools compared to regular accounts with just a blue tick. These include access to premium support, exclusive content, priority monetization, and more.

5. How can you identify a Meta Verified account from a regular account with a blue tick?

You can identify a Meta Verified account by looking for the words “Meta Verified” or “Meta Monetized” in the profile description. Additionally, Meta Verified accounts come with a gold color badge, while regular accounts with a blue tick have a blue color badge.

6. Do all social media platforms have Meta Verification options, or is it limited to certain platforms?

Meta Verification is currently only available on Facebook and Instagram, which are owned by Meta. Other social media platforms have their own verification processes and criteria.

7. How do Meta Verified accounts differ from verified accounts with just a blue tick mark?

Meta Verified accounts come with additional features and tools, such as exclusive content, premium support, and priority monetization. Regular verified accounts with a blue tick only signify that the account is authentic and belongs to the person or brand it claims to be.

8. Is Meta Verification necessary for businesses and influencers who want to build their brand on social media?

No, Meta Verification is not necessary for businesses or influencers to build their brand on social media. However, having a blue tick or Meta Verification badge can help build trust and credibility among followers.

9. Can Meta Verification status be removed or taken away from an account?

Yes, Meta Verification status can be removed from an account if the user violates Facebook’s policies or fails to meet the company’s verification criteria.

10. Does having a Meta Verified account guarantee more followers or engagement on social media?

No, having a Meta Verified account does not guarantee more followers or engagement on social media. However, it can help increase credibility and visibility among followers, which can ultimately lead to increased engagement.

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