Download MSM Download Tool for OPPO and Vivo Devices [Latest] (2021)

Download MSM Download Tool: Android, as you would already know is one of the finest mobile operating systems out there. Android buckets a bundle of features and customization options within. Well, gone are the days when people used to carry their phones without security like pin, pattern, or password for that matter. Now, every Android user out there definitely protects their devices with security.

Chances are you are an Android user who forgot the pin or pattern of your devices. Maybe that is the reason you are here! Well, if you are an Oppo or Vivo user, you are in luck! As in this article, we are going to cover, how you can download MSM Download Tool for Oppo devices easily.

MSM Download Tool is a Flash Tool for Oppo or Vivo devices. This is just like any other flash tool for other OEMs. For example, if you consider Xiaomi devices, they have their own flash tool for that dubbed Mi Flash Tool, just like that, MSM Download Tool allows you to flash stock ROMs on your Oppo and Vivo devices.

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In this post, we are going to discuss everything you need to know to download MSM Download tool for Oppo devices, we will also guide you through the instructions to install and setup the MSM Download tool before you use it. Well, flashing stock ROMs with the MSM tool is very easy, but is not very easy to set up the tool properly, as the tool may push out way too many errors during flashing the stock ROM.

What is MSM Download Tool?

Screenshot of MSM Download Tool

MSM Download Tool is one of the powerful flash tools which is made available for Oppo and Vivo devices. This tool is just like any other flash tools, but it is constructed specially for Oppo and Vivo devices. Well, now you might have a doubt, what can this tool do? Well, once you download MSM Download tool on your computer, you will have to set it up properly, which we will discuss in further parts of the article, and you can connect your Oppo or Vivo devices and flash stock images or ROMs directly from your PC to your phone.

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Also, using MSM Download Tool for Oppo and Vivo devices, you can remove the forgotten passwords, pins, or pattern locks for that matter. You can bypass the lock screen of your Oppo and Vivo device without even losing the data. On any off chances, if your Oppo device or a few supported Vivo devices are bricked, you can unbrick it easily in just a matter of few minutes. Now that we have discussed its uses and features, let us talk about its Pre-Requisites and Installation process.


  1. Before you make any changes to your devices, make sure that you have backed-up all your data to your computer or any devices.
  2. Make sure you uninstall the previous version of the MSM Download Tool if you have installed the application in your PC any time before.
  3. Make sure you use a Windows PC. Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu are not compatible with the software.
  4. The application does not work with the old version of Windows, like Windows XP, Windows Vista. The minimum version should be Windows 7 or plus. We personally recommend you to perform the process in Windows 10 PC.
  5. A fully functional Oppo or Vivo device. As mentioned earlier only Qualcomm devices are supported with this application, Do not try this with MediaTek ones.
  6. The devices need to charge a minimum of 30%.
  7. We recommend you to use the original cable which was provided in the box.
  8. Install Android USB Drivers on your computer.

Installation of Oppo USB Drivers

Download MSM Download Tool
Oppo Drivers Installation on PC
  1. Download Oppo USB Drivers from the download section below.
  2. Once you download it, navigate to your downloads section, and find Oppo USB Drivers. Once you find it select the file which is in zip format. Right Click on it and select extract.
  3. Now the extraction process will start.
  4. You will have to select, next and then select your desired space to install the drivers. We recommend you to install them on your C drive on your computer.
  5. Once that is done, click on next a couple of times, and let the installation process get over with.
  6. It greets you with the installation done, now click and select and click on Finish.
  7. Restart your computer and you have successfully installed Oppo USB Drivers on your PC.

Download Section

MSM Download Tool 4.0.58: Download

Step-by-Step Installation Process of MSM Download Tool

Step 1: Download all the required files from the links above. Once downloaded, place it on your desired folder. Right, Click on the zip file and select extract.

Step 2: Now, the extraction process begins. The extraction process will not take a lot of time though!

Step 3: Install both the PDAnet.exe file. The installation process here is simple and easy. Double click on the PDAnet.exe file and run it. Click and select next a couple of times and when the installation is done, you can click on finish.

Step 4: Also install CodeMeterRuntime.exe file just like you have installed PDAnet.exe

Step 5: Open the Code Meter Control Center and select the license file you find there. Now you will have to import the license file and navigate to Oppo_MSM_Download_Tool_Lic_2000 from the folder.

Step 6: Now you will get to see License Activated message in a small pop-up window which proves the fact that you have successfully installed the MSM Download Tool on your computer. Now all you have to do is connect your device to the computer, download the stock ROM for your desired device.

Step 7: Go to the previously extracted folder and run MSM Download Tool EXE as administrator and press and hold power key + volume up ket on your Oppo or Vivo device.

Step 8: Import Stock ROM, click on the start button and that’s all, within a few minutes your Oppo or Vivo device will restart and boot.

Errors you might face during the Process of Flashing Stock ROM using MSM Download Tool

MSM Download Tool: Errors you might face
  1. Connection timeout
  2. Start button not clickable.
  3. The devices will show offline despite connected to a Wireless network
  4. Fix MSMDownload Oppo xxx Qualcomm Snapdragon Connect timeout
  5. Fix MSMDownlad Unauthorized and hidden start button
  6. A warning pop-up shows “You must use authorized accounts such as A3S, F5, F7, and etc”

If you face any of the aforementioned issues while flashing the stock ROM using the MSM Download Tool for Oppo and Vivo Devices, close the application first. Navigate to settings or you can click Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on your keyboard together and select task manager. End all the tasks which start with MSM, and restart your computer. If this does not work, then open the control panel, add or remove programs and uninstall the MSM Download tool from there. Once done, freshly install the MSM Download tool just like you have done previously.


Now that we have discussed how to download MSM Download Tool and install it, it is time for me to bid you adieu. As mentioned earlier, you can install or flash stock ROM, remove or bypass pattern lock, pin or password on your Oppo and Vivo devices using this tool. If you face any further issues, please feel free to use the comment section below. For more posts like this, stay tuned with us. Until next time, Stay Techy!

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