Download PUBG Mobile Hack APK (Anti-Ban) PUBGM Mod

Download PUBG Mobile Hack APK

PUBG Mobile Hack – PUBG Mobile is by far one of the most downloaded mobile games on the Play Store and Apple App Store. The PUBG Mobile for Android is downloaded over 100 Million times on Google Play Store. By those digits, one could probably understand how famous this game is among the smartphone gamers. Due to the constant updates and new and realistic features being launched every now and then this game is among the likes of top charts ever since. If you are a PUBG Mobile player you know how important it is for a player to win a game. But due to the over popularity and demand, it gets really competitive to win a match.

So are you a PUBG Mobile player? Due you want to win every match and get yourself out of every critical situation you are in the game? Well, you are in the right place! In this guide, we will explain to you how to install PUBG Mobile Hack Mod and win every match. Not just that this Mod has got you covered with all the Mods you need in one package. So without any further delay, let us get to the safe zone! You know what I mean ;p

Download PUBG Mobile Hack APK for {Android & IOS}

What are Hacks and Mods? So Hacks and Mods are nothing but the menus which most of the players use with the PUBG Mobile hack to win the matches. Most of these Mods are easy to download and simple to use. But, the developers of the game often check and Ban the players who are using the Pubg Mobile Mods. So most of the people are scared to use the Pubg mobile Mods as the developer might Ban the Modded player permanently. With the Mod which we are going to discuss today is almost Anti-Ban! But I personally recommend users create a new account before installing this mod.

Base features of PUBG Mobile Mod

  • Auto Aim
  • Unlimited Battle Points (BP)
  • 100% safe
  • Pre-installed Anti-Ban system
  • Easy to use Mod
  • Works with all the Android versions
  • No need to Root!

The Mod which we are discussing right now is one of the finest PUBG Mobile Mod’s available out there. Instead of Installing the App from the play store and then modding it over, you can now install the direct apk of PUBG Mobile Mod. The features of the PUBG Mobile Mod includes Auto Aim! This feature helps the players to target the enemies with ease. That means this Mod actually helps you to target the enemy and auto-aim them directly!

The features of this Mod also include unlimited Battle Points (BP) moreover this Mod is very easy to use.  Also, as mentioned earlier this Mod is 100% safe to use with the Anti-Ban system which is pre-installed into this Mod. This apk, unlike original PUBG game from the play store, works on all the android versions. Moreover, there is no need for you to root your phone to install and play this modded version of the PUBG Mobile! How exciting is that? The list is not exhaustive!


If you have used any PUBG Mobile wall Hack in the past you must be aware of the Pubg mobile Wall Hack. The Wall Hack is very popular among the modders as most of the mod users preferably use such mods. By using this hack players can perceive the knowledge of enemies with the red outline around the playable characters. In simple words, the player who uses this mod can see the enemies through the walls regardless of the modded player or the normal player.

Pubg Mobile Wall Hack
Pubg Mobile Wall Hack

The non-playable characters, the props and the nature is unaffected by this mod. So that means, this mod doesn’t affect anything but the players. As mentioned earlier a red outline will be formed around the player’s characters. By using the Pubg Mobile Wall Hack the modded payers can see the players behind the wall without making them notice. This mod can be used both iOS and Android. Although the makers of the game i.e., Tencent Games made a lot of security features to identify the modders and hackers, the developers of this mod were able to bypass them. The PUBG Mobile Wall Hack can increase the survival of the players by a great margin.

PUBG Mobile AimBot

The Auto Pubg Mobile AimBot is a tool that automatically aims the other person or the enemy when in close range. If the player who is using this mod has a scope, parse,  the 3x scope, the 4x scope (my personal favorite), the 6x scope, and the 8x scope (provided you have a sniper) the PUBGM aimbot mod will automatically activate the scope and aim towards the enemy and makes the overall gameplay easier.

Pubg Mobile Aim Bot
Pubg Mobile Aim Bot

So, once thePubg Mobile Aim bot mod is properly all you have to do is use the fire button as the mod automatically aims towards the enemies. This is one of the most exciting mods to use just like any other mod this mod will totally work with Android and iOS. The above-discussed mods will not be worked with older versions as the PUBG Mobile if used the older version will ask you to update the app. Which you cannot possibly do as the PUBG Mobile app directly redirect to play store leaving no other option.

As mentioned previously, this mod will not ask you for the permission of SU, Magisk or any root permissions for that matter and like the other mods, by using this mod you will not end up banning your profile. But then again, I personally recommend you to create a new account before trying this mod just to be on the safer side. This is by far the most heavily packed mod with all the unique features which any gamer would like to have on their devices.

Using these tricks can help you push rank in pubg easily and you dont need to be a pro player when you follow this guide.


So, this is all guys! If this article helped you to Download PUBG Mobile Hack APK Anti-Ban, Please show us some love by sharing this post with your friends and family who are into mobile gaming a lot. This is time for me to bid you Adieu! For more posts like this stay tuned with us. Until next time Enemies Ahead!

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