How to Update Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Android 9.0 P

Update Android Marshmallow to Latest Android 9.0 P

So do you want to Update Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Android 9.0 P? then you are at right place. We are here with the tutorial to Install Android 9.0 P in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In this Guide, we will tell you everything related to the Latest Android 9.0 P Update.

Android Marshmallow is currently the most used operating systems out there in the smartphone industry. Not only that, but it provides lots of features even though it is old now. But after the release of so many Android versions in between, this is getting old now. Devices running on Android Marshmallow are getting old now and they really need an update right away. In 2018, Google has finally released the latest Android P 9.0 Update which is much better when compared to Marshmallow.

Therefore it makes a lot of sense to update your smartphone from Android Marshmallow to Android P. And so today we are here with the full-on updating your Android Device to the latest Android P 9.0. Not only that but we also tell you some of the most useful improvements in Android 9.0 when compared to the older versions.

What’s New in Android P 9.0 and Major Features!

This tutorial will help you in successfully updating to the latest version of Android. In order to do so, we will take you through everything which is required for the update. In this guide, we have provided all the files that are required for this update. Not only that but you will also find their respective download links in this guide linked down below. Right after that, we have also added the highly important prerequisites section. This is very important to complete as it has the conditions which if not fulfilled can cause problems in updating your device to Android 9.0. At last, we have provided the step by step guide on how to install the Android 9.0 Update on your Android Device.

Download Android 9.0 P for Marshmallow 6.0 Devices

Android MarshmallowAndroid 9.0 P
Android Version 9.0
Size 500MB
Updated On 07/05/2018
Root No

And now let’s move on to what’s new with the latest Android 9.0 P Update. Starting off with the design, Android P has a completely new design especially when it comes to the home launcher and the notification area. The changes in its UI design will make you feel as if you are using a completely new device. Not only the new design looks much better, it also has better functionality with well-designed options and elements. Not only that Android P 9.0 also has much better performance. This not only means that your device will perform much faster, but the battery management is also better. And Android P has also added improvements to the camera department transforming your device into a completely new phone.

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Install Android 9.0 P on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  • To Update Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Android 9.0 P make sure you follow all the things given in the pre-requisites section
  • First of all Make sure there is more then 50% battery on your device
  • Now make sure there is minimum 4Gb space in the internal memory
  • Now go to Settings and Enable USB Debugging on your android Phone
  • Now Tap on System updates
  • Now Your device will check if there is a update available for your device or not.
  • You will see a update available for your Android 6.0 marshmallow device
  • Now tap on Download now and Tap on Install
  • Now tap on reboot
  • You can Also Download Android 8.0 oreo Rom for your Android device.
  • Thats All !! You have successfully Update your android 6.0 marshmallow device to Android 9.0 p

We hope that you have now successfully Installed the Latest Android P 9.0 on your Android Device. Also, let us know what is your favorite feature of this Android 9.0 update when compared to Android Marshmallow down in the comments section. If you liked this post share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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