Wrong Date/Time On Photo Taken By Google Camera On Pixel

Wrong Date/Time On Photo Taken By Google Camera On Pixel: Capturing precious moments with our smartphones has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s a stunning sunset, a group selfie, or a candid snapshot of your furry friend, we rely on our smartphone cameras to freeze these memories in time. Google Camera on Pixel devices is renowned for its exceptional image quality and advanced features. However, some users have encountered an unexpected hiccup – the wrong date and time stamp on their photos. In this blog post, we will delve into the issues surrounding the incorrect date/time settings on photos taken by Google Camera on Pixel and explore user complaints that have surfaced on various forums. So grab your coffee and let’s dive right in!

The Google Camera app on Pixel devices is known for its impressive features and capabilities. However, some users have been experiencing issues with the date and time settings on photos taken using this app.

User complaints on Google forums

User complaints on Google forums
User complaints on Google forums

User complaints on Google forums have highlighted a recurring issue with the date and time settings on photos taken by the Google Camera app on Pixel devices. Many users have reported that when they capture an image using the camera app, the date and time recorded in the metadata of the photo are incorrect.

One user shared their frustration, stating that they rely on accurate timestamps for organizing their photos and memories. They expressed disappointment in discovering that all their recent photos had incorrect dates and times attached to them.

What Users Have Noticed About the Timestamp Discrepancy

When Pixel users capture photographs or videos with the Google Camera, they notice a temporal difference. The timestamps in these media files’ filenames are always set ahead of their local time. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the Google Camera saves the filename using the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) rather than the device’s local time zone.

This behavior does not occur when using other camera applications or even taking screenshots. As a result, the issue appears to be particular to the Google Camera.

The Difference Between UTC and Local Time

The time and date of each image captured with the Google Camera are saved in the EXIF metadata. What’s intriguing is that, unlike the filename, the EXIF metadata displays the time and date in the local time zone.

At first glance, using the UTC time zone for filenames may appear counterintuitive. It does, however, ensure that the captured time is accurate even if the location data (contained in the EXIF metadata) is absent. This usage of UTC effectively protects against the potential loss of time context owing to differences in location data.

So if you want to See the exact Details you can follow steps given below:

  • Finding Local Timestamp:
    • Visit the Information Page of the Media
  • EXIF Metadata Details:
    • Access Correct Date and Time Information

Pixel devices remain popular among photography aficionados due to their excellent camera capabilities. Understanding the details, such as the timestamp anomaly, might, however, improve the user experience.

We hope this article clarifies the timestamp issue for those who have encountered it. While it’s an odd Google Camera function, it’s anchored in ensuring consistent time data regardless of geographical metadata.

Please share your comments on this topic if you have any further questions. We’re here to help and offer advice.



While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can actually cause significant problems when trying to organize and sort through your photo library. The wrong timestamp can make it difficult to locate specific photos taken at certain events or occasions.

It’s important for Google to address this issue promptly and provide a fix in future updates of the Google Camera app. Users rely on accurate timestamps to keep track of their memories, so ensuring that the date and time are correct should be a top priority.

In the meantime, there are some workarounds that users can try if they encounter this problem. Manually adjusting the date and time settings on your device before taking photos might help ensure accurate timestamps. Additionally, using third-party apps or editing software to correct the metadata of affected photos can also be an option.

Despite this flaw with the Google Camera app’s date/time feature, it’s worth mentioning that many other aspects of the app perform exceptionally well. From its advanced AI-based features to its impressive image processing capabilities, there’s no denying that Google has created a remarkable camera experience for Pixel users.

Hopefully, with ongoing developments and improvements from Google, we’ll soon see an update that addresses these issues once and for all, while there may be frustrations surrounding incorrect dates/times on photos taken by Google Camera on Pixel devices, let’s hope for timely resolutions so we can continue enjoying all the amazing features this camera app has to offer!

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