How To Go Back To Old Colors In Google Maps [Workarounds]

Go Back To Old Colors In Google Maps: Are you one of those Google Maps users who miss the old color scheme? The vibrant and familiar hues that guided you through the city streets have been replaced with a new, more subdued palette. And let’s be honest – change isn’t always easy to embrace! But fear not, fellow navigators, because we’ve got some workarounds that will take you back to those beloved old colors in Google Maps. So grab your virtual compass and join us as we explore these methods for reclaiming the past in this blog post on “How To Go Back To Old Colors In Google Maps [Workarounds].” Let’s hit the road together!

What is Google Maps Color Change Update?

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps used by millions of people worldwide. Recently, Google introduced a new color scheme for its maps, which received mixed feedback from users. While some appreciated the fresh and modern look, others found it difficult to adapt to the change.

Google Maps’ Navigation Mode Changes:

  • Traffic Conditions Impact:
    • Colors change based on traffic.
  • Color Alterations:
    • Green (previously for open roads) is now grey.
    • Orange (previously for moderate traffic) is now yellow.
  • Media Observations:
    • Comparisons made with Apple’s design.
    • Perceived attempt by Google to align with Apple’s design sensibilities.

The new color scheme replaced the familiar blue roads with shades of gray and yellow, making it harder for users to differentiate between different types of roads. This led to confusion and frustration among many loyal Google Maps users who preferred the old colors.

Overview of the Google Maps new color scheme and user criticism

Overview of the Google Maps new color scheme and user criticism
Overview of the Google Maps new color scheme and user criticism

Google Maps recently introduced a new color scheme, aiming to enhance the overall user experience. However, this update didn’t receive universal praise from users. While some appreciated the fresh look and modern feel of the new colors, others expressed their dissatisfaction with the change.

New colours are awful
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One common criticism revolves around visibility issues. For certain individuals, especially those with visual impairments or color blindness, distinguishing between different elements on the map became challenging due to similar shades used in the new scheme.

My map theme just has changed, everything is blue-green and awful for eyes. Is this new update we all had waited?
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Moreover, some users mentioned that they found it difficult to quickly identify landmarks and points of interest on the map as these were no longer highlighted in distinct colors as before. The vibrant hues that once made navigation easier now seemed muted and blended together.

Did Google Maps just change its style?
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There is also a sentiment of nostalgia among long-time Google Maps users who have grown accustomed to the old color scheme over years of usage. They miss its familiarity and find it harder to adapt to this significant change.

While Google has acknowledged these concerns raised by its user base, they have yet to provide an option for reverting back to the old colors within their app settings. However, there are a few workarounds you can try if you prefer using Google Maps with its previous color palette intact.

Methods to Go Back to Old Colors in Google Maps

Remember, these methods are not guaranteed solutions as they rely on certain factors that could vary from user to user. However, they’re worth giving a try if having the old colors in Google Maps is important to you.

Method 1: Use Different Account

One of the workarounds to go back to the old colors in Google Maps is by using a different account. This method involves creating or signing in with a new Google account that hasn’t been updated to the new color scheme.

By switching to a different account, you can enjoy the previous version of Google Maps without having to deal with the changes that have been made. It’s important to note that this workaround may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you have important data or preferences tied to your existing account.

To use this method, simply log out of your current Google account and create a new one or sign in with an existing one that hasn’t been updated yet. Once logged in, open Google Maps and voila! You should see the familiar old colors instead of the new ones.

While this workaround may seem simple enough, it’s worth mentioning that it might not be a permanent solution as Google could eventually roll out the changes across all accounts. Nonetheless, it can provide temporary relief for those who prefer the older color scheme.

Remember though, using multiple accounts might cause confusion and inconvenience when accessing other services linked to your primary account such as Gmail or Drive. So proceed with caution and weigh the pros and cons before resorting to this method.

Utilizing a different account is just one way you can revert back to the old colors on Google Maps. While it may not be foolproof or long-lasting, it offers some respite for users who are dissatisfied with the recent update. Keep reading for more methods on how you can achieve this!

Method 2: Use Incognito Mode

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to revert back to the old colors in Google Maps, using incognito mode might just do the trick. This method is simple yet effective, allowing you to temporarily bypass the new color scheme and see the familiar hues that you love.

To use incognito mode in Google Maps, simply open your preferred web browser and click on the three dots located at the top right corner. From there, select “New Incognito Window” or press Ctrl+Shift+N if you’re using Chrome. This will open a new window where your browsing activity will not be saved and no cookies or cache data will be stored.

Once in incognito mode, navigate to Google Maps as you normally would. You’ll notice that it loads without any of your previous preferences or settings applied. As a result, you’ll likely see the classic colors that many users have grown accustomed to over time.

While using incognito mode may not be a permanent solution, it can provide temporary relief for those who prefer the old color scheme in Google Maps. It’s worth noting that this method only affects your current browsing session and does not change any personalization settings within your account.

Method 3: Use Web Portal

Another workaround to revert back to the old colors in Google Maps is by using the web portal. This method allows you to access Google Maps through your computer’s web browser instead of using the mobile app.

To do this, simply open your preferred web browser and search for “Google Maps.” Once on the official website, sign in with your Google account and navigate to the map view. Here, you can explore different locations and get directions just like you would on the mobile app.

By accessing Google Maps through the web portal, you may notice that it still retains some elements of the new color scheme. However, many users have reported that they find it less prominent compared to their experience on the mobile app.

While this method doesn’t completely restore all aspects of the old color scheme, it provides a closer resemblance to what users were accustomed to before. So if you prefer a more familiar visual experience when using Google Maps, give this workaround a try.

Remember that these workarounds are temporary solutions until Google potentially introduces an option for users to switch between color schemes. In the meantime, experiment with these methods and see which one works best for you!



In wrapping up this discussion on going back to the old colors in Google Maps, it is clear that users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new color scheme. While Google has not provided an official option to revert to the old colors, there are a few workarounds that can help you achieve a similar experience.

One suggested method is to use a different account when using Google Maps. By logging into another account, you may find that the new color scheme is not applied and you can enjoy the familiar and comfortable look of the old colors.

Another workaround involves using incognito mode while accessing Google Maps. This allows you to browse privately without any personalized settings being applied, including the new color scheme.

Some users have reported success by accessing Google Maps through the web portal instead of using mobile apps. This alternative approach might provide a way for you to see the map with its original colors intact.

While these methods are not ideal solutions and may require some trial and error, they offer potential ways for those who prefer the old colors in Google Maps to continue enjoying them.


Q: Can I revert back to the old colors in Google Maps permanently?

A: No, unfortunately, there is no permanent way to go back to the old colors in Google Maps. The new color scheme is a design choice made by Google and cannot be reversed.

Q: Will using a different account or incognito mode always bring back the old colors?

A: While using a different account or incognito mode may temporarily display the old colors in Google Maps, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone. The appearance of the map can vary based on various factors such as device settings and updates from Google.

Q: Are there any other alternatives besides those mentioned in this article?

A: Currently, the methods mentioned in this article are some of the commonly suggested workarounds. However, as technology evolves and user feedback continues, it’s possible that more solutions or options may become available.

Q: Why did Google change the colors in Google Maps?
A: The decision to change the color scheme in Google Maps was made by Google’s design team with the intention of enhancing readability and providing a more visually appealing experience for users.

Remember that while these workarounds may allow you to briefly see your preferred color scheme on occasion, they are not long-term solutions. We have no control over changes made by service providers like Google. It’s important to adapt and embrace new features while also providing feedback on what works best for you as a user. Happy navigating!

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