Yoro Application Review: One stop for all your Social needs

Yoro Android App

Ever wondered social media will become one of the biggest elements that we live with and cannot ignore? At present, for many people, social media remained as the only medium of communication. Most of the people got really bored with existing social media networks and started searching for new and novel networks. In the ocean of social applications available in the Play Store and App Store, it is really hard for you to find a social media network or application. We recently came across a new social application which is really awesome. The name of the Application is Yoro.

What is Yoro?

We all know how famous TikTok is at the moment. TikTok is usually a lip-syncing app. Using TikTok normal people like you and me can become stars overnight. Keeping the TikTok story aside, if you are just like me who are missing Google Plus, then give me a high-five! Google Plus is one of the underrated social media application where users can pick their interests and receive content on the same in their respective feeds.

Now, you might be wondering, why am I talking about all these applications. Well, the application which we are going to recommend you have all of the features present in the aforementioned applications in it. Yoro is the application you are looking for!

Not just the features of the apps which I mentioned above, but Yoro also derives with some unique features of its own! The interface of the application looks very familiar and you can get used to it within a matter of seconds. The UI looks cool with pleasant colors and icons. All the features are at your fingertips. So you can access any of the features in just tap. You can post any photos on your feed or channel just like on Instagram. The Like/Love option is replaced with clap here. So you each like is considered as a clap in this application. You can also create short videos just like on TikTok and post them directly on your channel or feed.

Currently, it is only available for Android users and according to Yoro, this social media network is growing fast with more than 100K people. The numbers are not less considering the fact that it’s only been three months since this application is launched. Just like any other social media network, you can follow your folks and some other public figures. You can also chat with them directly. The posts can be shared to WhatsApp or Instagram directly from the toolbar.

App NameYORO
Last Updated on30/05/2019

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Yoro Application: Features


Talking about the new features it brings to the table,

Meme creator is one among them. Yes, you can directly create memes and share them globally with this application. Not just that, you can download the meme and save it in the storage of your respective devices.

Camera: The application also originates with a new feature called Camera Transformation using which you can apply various filters and transform your boring image to an eye-catchy edit with the available tools.

You can schedule the posts. Yes, you heard me right. Select a post, schedule them at a flexible time and the post gets online right at the time which you have set.

Next up, Stickers. As the application is just launched it only supports English and Hindi content. There are various stickers available which you can use for creating memes, for chats and on photos too.


Yoro application is one of the finest social media applications ever made. Currently, the application is in its beginning stages and might evolve with time. GoHiggs is the company that developed Yoro. Even though it’s just been a year since the company has started, but the talented folks at GoHiggs developed this awesome network. It is really amusing to see developers are coming up with some fantastic ideas to keep the online world alive. Talking back the story to Yoro, as far as we know, Yoro is the only application of its kind. Yoro offers all the features of all popular social media apps, but with a different approach to many unspoken problems while you socialize online. We definitely recommend you to try this app before the world does.

This is all about Yoro social media network. Now it is time for me to bid you adieu. Share this post with your friends and family and let them know about Yoro. For more content like this, stay tuned with us. As always, Stay techy!

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