Download Miui 13 For Poco F1 (Global+Stable)

Download MIUI 13 for Poco F1

Android phones have a huge market base. Most phones run on the Android operating system. However, did you know, unless you are talking about Google phones, none of the other phones have stock Android versions?

Android is an open-source operating system, which means that brands can customize it and build their own firmware with additional features and different colors, themes, and background options. This different take on Android with new and unique firmware adds to the user experiences and gives brands a chance to stand out from others.

Given this benefit of building customized firmware and ROM for their phones supported by the Android operating system, brands have heavily invested in the same. One of the most successful brands in this area is Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has always been a fast-growing brand and has a large number of users. One of the major aspects of helping the brand build this vast customer base is its Android skin, MIUI. So let’s have a detailed discussion about the same.

What is MIUI?

Many people assume MIUI to be the operating system for Xiaomi phones. However, MIUI is not an operating system in itself. Instead, it’s better known as Xiaomi’s Android Skin.

As mentioned above, Android, being an open-source operating system, can be altered and customized for its features and functionalities. Xiaomi has leveraged these capabilities of the OS into building its Android firmware, which goes by the name of MIUI.

So, rather than the stock Android, Xiaomi phones work on its Android skin MIUI firmware, which has many more features and functionalities in addition to what is offered by the stock Android versions.

Moreover, MIUI is not limited to Xiaomi phones. Instead, this firmware can support all other sub-brands of Xiaomi, namely, Poco, BlackShark, and Redmi.

So, MIUI has excellent capabilities, which we will talk about more later in this article. Additionally, it always keeps getting better with newer updates and upgrades. However, when it comes to these new updates and upgrade, the system doesn’t always download or install them on its own.

Moreover, many of the updates for MIUI are first launched in the Beta testing version and rolled over for the public later. So, those who want to use the latest version of MIUI to have full capabilities of its features and functionalities will have to download the firmware and its updates manually. Now, this part can be quite tricky.

But, you need not worry about that. We have got you covered with our guide to download MIUI 13 for your device, and that’s what the next part of this article is about. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

Download MIUI 13 for Poco F1

When it comes to downloading and installing MIUI, it’s not as simple as downloading any other system software update or upgrade. You need to fish for the download links, wait for the download to finish, and once that’s done, you can move on to installing the firmware on your phone.

Now, the question is, where will you find the links to download MIUI 13? Well, the internet is the key. Xiaomi launches the official links to download MIUI 13 for different devices, and you can easily find them over the web. So all you have to do is look for the link for your device and use it to begin the download.

Download Miui 13

Once you’re done with the download, you can follow the following steps to install the firmware and have a better experience operating your device.

  • Open your device “Settings.”Navigate to the “My Device” settings, and from there, select “System Update.”
  • In the next window, click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • A drop-down list will appear. From this list, tap on the “Select update package” option.
  • As you select this option, you will see a .zip file of the update you downloaded from the link. All you need to do now is extract the file and install the update.
  • That’s it! You’re all done. Once the update installs, you can enjoy all the latest MIUI features and functionalities on your phone for better user experiences.

While you would like to download MIUI 13 for your phone, you will also want to know what you get by downloading this firmware. You must surely question if it’s really better than stock Android. Well, in the next section of this article, we have addressed this concern of the users.

Here is a detailed overview of all the features and functionalities that you can get with the MIUI firmware download on your device.

Features of MIUI

MIUI is the Android Skin of Xiaomi phones and its other subbrands. Given that fact, the firmware naturally packs all the essential and latest Android features and functionalities within itself. However, the highlight of this MIUI firmware is its additional features that enhance the users’ experiences as they operate their mobile phones.

Here are all the excellent features that MIUI packs within itself in addition to the general Android features and functionalities.

This is one of the most efficient features of MIUI. The feature indicates the ability of the phone to replicate the interface and functionalities of a Windows computer. As such, the MIUI+ feature of the firmware will equip the phone with functions like desktop notifications, using selected applications, copying and pasting the content on your mobile desktop, etc. However, the feature is also limited to selected devices. So, you will have to check if your device supports this feature or not.

Privacy Features and Functionalities

A phone is one of the most personal objects that you use in your daily life, and it contains a lot of your personal and confidential data and information. So, you definitely want your phone to have strong security and privacy features.

As such, we all make an effort to keep the privacy of our phones protected by locking them with passwords, etc. But privacy doesn’t mean only password protection. Many more things include privacy on your phone, for instance, your location, browser use, and downloads, etc.

The MIUI firmware has features and functionalities to strengthen the privacy of every aspect of your phone. Here are some of the major highlights of the privacy and security features and functionalities that you can get on the MIUI firmware.

Clipboard Protection

You copy many items on your clipboard. Now, some of this data and information might be confidential. However, sometimes, applications on your device override and read the data saved on your clipboard. So, you need to protect your clipboard from access by such applications. The Clipboard Protection feature helps with the same.

This feature tracks and logs all the applications on your device and lets you know if and when an application reads the data copied to your clipboard.

Fuzzy Positioning

We leave the location feature active on our phones most of the time. While this is convenient and useful in many circumstances, it can even put you at risk in some situations. A more feasible way of using this feature will be to show a place that’s a little further from your exact location. The fuzzy positioning feature does the same, thereby protecting you in many unfavorable situations and circumstances.

Browser Protection

The internet is full of data and information, and we rely a lot on it to look up different things. However, as you surf the web, you may not always be on safe and protected websites. Many websites are malicious, and sometimes you may download data from such sites, which can lead to virus and malware attacks on your phone.

The Browser Protection feature saves you from such situations. This feature keeps a check on the websites you are accessing and data you are downloading from the web and even automatically blocks the downloads from unprotected and malicious websites.

Additionally, the feature even keeps a check on how web browsers are accessing and tracking user data through cookies, etc., to add further to the user privacy and protection.

Sandbox Mechanism

You often allow different applications to access your phone data, such as contacts, photos, galleries, etc. Now, this can pose a risk to your privacy. The Sandbox Mechanism saves this situation to some extent by dividing the photos and other data on your phone and providing the applications with only selective access.

With all these features, the MIUI firmware does promise better security and privacy, way better than what you can get on other Android versions.

Dynamic Wallpapers

The look and feel of your home screen and lock screen matter a lot for your experiences in operating the phone. Everyone likes to keep attractive wallpapers and themes on their phone screens. With MIUI, this thing goes next level.

The firmware comes with multiple wallpaper options for you to choose from, many of which are designed with inspiration from some of the famous places, monuments, and artifacts in the world. Additionally, these wallpaper designs are dynamic, meaning they change the looks throughout the day to suit the time zones. As such, if it’s daytime, the wallpaper will have the sun, but if it’s nighttime, the wallpaper will have the moon.

With these kinds of lively and dynamic wallpaper, you can have more fun with the way your phone screen looks. In fact, such wallpapers can even be a constant source of motivation and inspiration for you.
More Natural and Better Notification Sounds

If you’re a person who loves the little gifts that nature offers to us, then you shall love this feature of MIUI firmware. Not only is the software inclined towards nature with its wallpapers, but it reflects this inclination in its notification sounds too.

The entire mobile interface is full of natural sounds for mobile notifications. Many sounds are inspired by animal voices and other sounds occurring from the natural elements of nature. If you love listening to such sounds, then you are in for a treat.
MIUI Notes.

How many times has it happened that you need to note something important and you keep fishing for a notepad? Well, it has happened with all of us at least a gazillion times. MIUI acknowledged this issue and even came with a solution in the form of its notes feature.

With MIUI notes, you can note any random thing coming to your mind. Additionally, it can serve as a quick notepad in your meetings and other calls. You can even use it to note down an important message or a phone number. As such, you can just put in any information in MIUI Notes and save it there for future reference.

Additionally, the feature has graffiti and finger painting options for you to explore your creative skills, and it can serve as a good way to kill some of your extra time.

Split Screen

A split-screen feature is common with Android phones; however, the ease of use of this feature in MIUI is great. You can split your screen and use two different applications on it within a single click. All you have to do is select the split-screen feature from the drop-down menu and drag the applications to the respective sections on the screen.

Additionally, you can alter the size of split screens as per your preferences and conveniences. Furthermore, once you’re done with your work, you can make the screen one simply by dragging the partition upwards or downwards, based on what application you want to continue using and what application you want to close.
In-Built Photo Editing Features
Most phones have in-built photo editing features, but none of them are as robust as the ones offered by MIUI.

Generally, the in-built features in phones allow you to crop photos, rotate them, or add some other filters. However, for more functionalities, making collages, for instance, you need to download third-party applications.

Well, that’s not the case with MIUI firmware. Instead, the MIUI firmware has in-built features to create beautiful photo collages.

Not only can you create collages with this in-built tool, but it has many other features such as removing backgrounds and unnecessary objects from your photos, adding images through photo tabs within the college, etc.

With that, you can have phenomenal photo editing capabilities without relying on any third-party applications. As such, you need not fill up your mobile storage with additional photo editing apps, and you can instead dedicate that saved space to some more beneficial usage.

Shortcuts on the Lockscreen

On many phones, you can access shortcuts from your Homescreen. The MIUI firmware goes a step further in this area too and makes it possible to access different shortcuts such as MiRemote, MiHome, and Torch from the lock screen itself. So, you need not unlock your phone merely to turn on the flashlight or use a remote.

This greatly enhances the flexibility of using your device, and with more flexibility, you definitely have better user experiences.
Multiple Apps Deletion
We tend to delete applications from our phones more often than not. However, doesn’t the process seem very hectic and time-consuming? You need to select every application and then uninstall the same. MIUI has a solution to this problem.

With MIUI, you can delete applications on your phone in a single shot. Yes! That’s right!

You can select all the applications that you want to remove from your phone at once and simply uninstall them with a single click. Now, that does make your life a little easier, doesn’t it?

Group Unimportant Notifications

How many times have you been bothered by a notification that doesn’t concern you at all? Well, your answer to this will be way too many times. Now, you find a solution by turning off the notifications for that particular application.

However, what if not all the notifications from an application are unimportant, and you want to receive some notifications instead of all of them? Well, in that case, MIUI allows you to group all the unimportant notifications. When you do that, all these notifications are saved in a separate folder rather than appearing on your device’s notification panel.

With this, you never have to worry about or get irritated with things that don’t concern you, at least not on your mobile phone!

Focus Mode

Many Android devices have this feature. However, the users still have the ability to turn it on and off at their will. Now, this doesn’t really serve the true purpose of the feature.

The Focus Mode in MIUI is different. In this, you need to set a timer for the Focus Mode, and once you turn it on, there’s no way to end it before that timer comes to a stop. Even restarting your phone before the timer ends will not end the focus mode.

So, if you get distracted easily, then this feature will come as a boon to you. Whatever you want to focus on, work, studies, or you just wish to keep your phone away for some time, you can use the focus mode to lock yourself out of your phone, and it’s going to be very helpful in enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

The Bottom Line

The Android Skin, MIUI is great in every manner. It has many additional features and functionalities that enhance your user experiences. All you need to do is download MIUI 13 for your device, and then you can have much ease and better experience in using your phones.

So, go ahead, download MIUI 13 and have better experiences using your phone!

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