How To Remove Samples From YouTube Music

Remove Samples From YouTube Music: YouTube Music has quickly become one of the most popular streaming platforms for music lovers around the world. With its vast library of songs and user-friendly interface, it offers a seamless listening experience like no other. However, some users have found themselves scratching their heads over a new feature called ‘Samples.’ While this feature may be appealing to some, others prefer to remove it from their YouTube Music app altogether. In this blog post, we will explore why some users want to disable or remove the ‘Samples’ tab and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do so. So if you’re ready to take control of your YouTube Music experience, read on!

What is the ‘Samples’ Feature in YouTube Music?

The ‘Samples’ feature in YouTube Music is a curated music video feed designed to offer content tailored to your listening history, liked songs, and other engagement metrics on the platform. While the intent is to provide a personalized experience, some users have reported receiving repetitive content or content that does not align with their preferences. Moreover, the perceived rise in sponsored content through this feature has added to certain users’ grievances.

Why Some Users Want to Disable or Remove the ‘Samples’ Tab

Why Some Users Want to Disable or Remove the 'Samples' Tab
Why Some Users Want to Disable or Remove the ‘Samples’ Tab

One of the features that YouTube Music introduced is the ‘Samples’ tab, which allows users to listen to short snippets of songs before deciding if they want to add them to their library or playlists. While this may be a convenient feature for some users, there are others who find it unnecessary and even annoying.

  • Cluttered Interface:
    • Some users find the ‘Samples’ tab clutters their interface, making music library navigation challenging.
    • They prefer a clean and streamlined experience for easy access to favorite songs.
  • Reduced Listening Experience:
    • Critics argue that listening to samples diminishes the overall enjoyment.
    • Users only hear brief snippets, which may not accurately represent the full track.
    • This can frustrate music enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience.
  • Privacy Concerns:
    • Users express worries about privacy issues associated with samples.
    • YouTube Music collects data on user preferences from sampled songs.
    • This data can be used for targeted advertising or other purposes without explicit user consent.

While the ‘Samples’ tab may appeal to certain individuals seeking quick previews of songs, there are valid reasons why many users would prefer an option to disable or remove this feature from YouTube Music altogether.

How To Remove Samples From YouTube Music?

Remove Samples From YouTube Music
Remove Samples From YouTube Music

Are you tired of seeing the ‘Samples’ tab on your YouTube Music app? If so, you’re not alone. Many users find this feature unnecessary and would prefer to have it removed from their interface. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to disable or remove the ‘Samples’ tab from YouTube Music.

  1. Navigate to App Settings:
    • Open the Settings on your device.
    • Select “Apps” or “App Management.”
    • Scroll down and find “YouTube Music.”
  2. Access the Overflow Menu:
    • Within the YouTube Music app details, locate the overflow icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner.
    • Tap on it to reveal a dropdown menu.
  3. Remove Recent Updates:
    • From the dropdown menu, select “Uninstall Updates.”
    • Confirm your decision by pressing “OK.”
  4. Prevent Future Auto Updates:
    • Open the Play Store app on your device.
    • Search for “YouTube Music.”
    • Once on the YouTube Music page, tap on the overflow icon in the upper right corner.
    • From the dropdown, deselect the “Enable Auto Update” checkbox.

By following these steps, you’ll revert YouTube Music to its earlier version, effectively removing the ‘Samples’ feature.



Removing the ‘Samples’ tab from YouTube Music is a straightforward process that can enhance your music streaming experience. Whether you find the feature distracting or simply prefer to focus on full songs rather than snippets, following these steps will help you disable the ‘Samples’ tab in no time.

By accessing your account settings and turning off the display of samples, you can customize your YouTube Music app to better suit your preferences. Remember that this option may vary depending on the version of the app you are using, but with a little exploration through the settings menu, you’ll be able to locate it easily.

So go ahead and take control of your listening experience by removing samples from YouTube Music. Enjoy uninterrupted playback of your favorite tracks as you immerse yourself in an ad-free world of music!

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