How To Replace Twitter X Icon With The Bird

Replace Twitter X Icon With The Bird: The departure of the small blue bird ushers in a new era in the Twitterverse. Yes, you read that correctly! The famous Twitter X logo, which we’ve grown to know and love, is spreading its wings and saying goodbye. But don’t worry, dear tweeters, for change is typically welcomed with mixed feelings.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the user reactions that have poured into our inboxes since the news broke. We’ll look into why so many people are upset over bidding goodbye to their feathered buddy. Most importantly, we’ll show you how to swap out that irritating X indicator for none other than the beloved bird itself!

So saddle up and prepare for a whirlwind tour of all things Twitter symbols, from why they matter to how to bring back that familiar fluttering companion. It’s time to expand your wings and join hands to embrace this thrilling shift!

The Departure of the Little Blue Bird

The Departure of the Little Blue Bird
The Departure of the Little Blue Bird

For as long as we can remember, the Twitter X emblem has been a symbol of simplicity and easy familiarity in our digital lives. It’s become synonymous with the platform – a small blue bird that represents connection, communication, and community.

To our surprise and dismay, our beloved feathered buddy has vanished from our timelines. The announcement of its departure provoked an outpouring of emotions on Twitter. Users from all across the world have rushed to their keyboards to express their anger with this sudden shift.

For some, it’s more than simply a new logo. The small blue bird has sentimental value since it represents Twitter memories, discussions with loved ones near and far, and moments of laughter and sorrow caught in 280 characters or fewer.

Others claim that the significance of the X emblem extended beyond mere aesthetics. It encapsulated the concept of discovery – marking new territory when you discovered something worth sharing with your followers. It was like discovering treasure in a sea of tweets.

Whatever your stance, one thing is certain: change is unavoidable in the ever-changing world of social media platforms. Other icons, from stars to hearts, have come and gone over Twitter’s history, each reflecting a particular epoch in our online journeys.

While saying goodbye to the little blue bird may be bittersweet for many people, it also opens the door to new experiences in the future. So, let us welcome this transition together as we explore unexplored territory with newfound zeal and curiosity! After all, isn’t that the point of Twitter?

User Reaction on Replacing Twitter X Icon With The Bird

User Reaction on Replacing Twitter X Icon With The Bird
User Reaction on Replacing Twitter X Icon With The Bird

People voiced their sadness and outrage about the lack of the iconic bird logo on social media platforms and discussion forums. Some said that it was a hurried choice made without regard for user sentiment or brand loyalty. Others said that the new X emblem lacked individuality and failed to reflect the heart of what Twitter stood for: a platform for ideas to take flight.

In response to these user reactions, Twitter was under increasing pressure to address this issue as soon as possible. As enthusiastic users banded together in an attempt to restore what they considered was a vital element of the platform’s character, hashtags advocating for #BringBackTheBird began trending.

This outpouring of rage demonstrates how emotionally invested individuals can become in symbols and iconography linked with their favorite online locations. It highlights our natural aversion to change when it violates our sense of familiarity and comfort.

As we investigate why this change evoked such strong reactions from users, it becomes evident that symbols wield enormous power in molding our views and emotional relationships. The small blue bird had evolved into more than simply an image; it signified community, dialogue, and discovery, all of which are values shared by Twitter’s massive user base.

Stay tuned as we investigate ways to replace your Twitter X icon with the lovely bird sign once more!

How To Replace Twitter X Icon With The Bird

Replace Twitter X Icon With The Bird
Replace Twitter X Icon With The Bird

Users are looking for ways to regain the familiar bird symbol that has grown synonymous with the site following recent alterations to the iconic Twitter X icon.

Our detailed article provides you with two efficient methods for replacing the Twitter X icon with the old bird icon, allowing you to regain control over the app’s design and keep a sense of familiarity despite ongoing management concerns.

Method 1: The Shortcut Tweak

Download Shortcut Maker and install it
Download Shortcut Maker and install it

You can use the Shortcut Tweak approach to arrange a smooth shift of the app’s visual identity. You may easily change the app’s shortcut icon and name by following a few simple steps, and then add it to your home screen. This allows you to begin the Twitter app with the preferred icon, giving a personalized and visually appealing experience.


  • To access App Info, long-press the Twitter app icon on your smartphone. This action will cause a context menu to display, giving you several alternatives.
  • Choose App Info: Select “App Info” or “Info” from the context menu. This action will take you to a screen with further information about the app.
  • App Shortcut Settings: Within the app info page, look for the “App Shortcut” or “Shortcuts” area. You may change the app’s shortcut icon and name from here.
  • Customize Shortcut Icon and Name: Go to the “App Shortcut” settings and change the icon and name to your liking. Choose an image that resembles the original Twitter bird icon and a name that reflects your familiarity with the platform.
  • Place Shortcut on Home Screen: After you’ve fine-tuned the app’s shortcut, quit the settings and return to the home screen of your device. To access the customization menu, long-press an empty spot on the home screen. Choose “Widgets” or “Shortcuts” depending on your device.
  • Add Home Screen Shortcut: Locate the Twitter app in the widgets or shortcuts menu and drag it to the desired area on the home screen. To place the symbol, simply release it.
  • Launch with Desired Icon: To access Twitter now, simply tap the newly created shortcut on your home screen. The App will begin with the personalized icon, allowing you to enjoy the familiar bird symbol.

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Method 2: Disabling Auto Updates

Disabling Auto Updates
Disabling Auto Updates

Consider disabling auto-updates to keep the beloved bird icon on your Twitter app. This strategy ensures that your app is not affected by upgrades that may change its appearance, allowing you to keep the iconic symbol that is associated with your Twitter experience.


  • Launch the Play Store: Launch the Google Play Store on your device to begin the procedure. This is the entry point for controlling app updates and settings.
  • Get to My Apps & Games: Locate and tap the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the top-left corner of the Play Store. Go to the drop-down menu and pick “My apps & games.”
  • Settings for App Updates: To see a list of your installed apps, go to the “Installed” tab. Find and choose the Twitter app from the list.
  • Disable Auto Updates: When you pick the Twitter app, you will be given the option to activate or disable auto-updates. To prevent the program from automatically updating, toggle the switch to the “Off” position.
  • Confirm Selection: A confirmation prompt may appear, confirming your decision to disable Twitter app auto-updates. Confirm your decision to move forward.
  • Icon Preservation: If you disable auto-updates, your Twitter app will remain unchanged by future updates. This protects the cherished bird emblem and ensures that the appearance of your app remains consistent throughout time.


Conclusion: How to Get The Old Bird Icon Back on Twitter

Change is unavoidable, and Twitter’s decision to replace the famous bird logo with an X mark has elicited conflicting emotions from users. While some have welcomed the move and praised the new emblem’s simplicity, others have voiced disappointment at the loss of a recognizable and cherished icon.

Whether you support or oppose this shift, it is critical to recognize that every brand evolves with time. Twitter’s choice to replace the bird emblem reflects the company’s goal to evolve and remain relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape.

There are several options for individuals who prefer the old bird emblem and want to bring it back into their Twitter experience. Users can get that sense of familiarity they seek while still enjoying everything Twitter has to offer by taking easy steps such as using browser extensions or changing CSS code.

In conclusion (without stating directly), whether you choose to accept this transition or revert to what was once known, keep in mind that Twitter remains a platform for interaction and expression at its core. Let us continue to share our opinions, ideas, and stories as we negotiate these changes as users – after all, isn’t that what makes Twitter truly unique?

So go ahead and tweet! And may your virtual wings spread far on this life-changing social media voyage!

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