Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set Missing From Shop [Fix]

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set Missing From Shop: Are you ready to start on an exciting journey across the realms of Remnant 2? As an adventurer, you will face numerous trials and discover numerous treasures. But what if you’re lacking a critical piece of armor from your arsenal? Fear not, dear adventurers, for we have discovered the reason for the inexplicable disappearance of the Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining this elusive set, address the issue that is preventing its purchase, look into potential solutions, and provide updates on any fixes. So get ready to dive into the realm of Remnant 2 in pursuit of answers!

Unveiling the Dilemma: Missing Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set

Fans of Remnant 2 have a particular place in their hearts for the Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set. It is a highly sought-after prize in the game due to its amazing qualities and distinctive design. However, the appearance of a bothersome bug — the missing armor set puzzle — has subdued players’ enthusiasm. Players have reported situations where the armor set has failed to show in the shop despite meeting the requirements and anxiously anticipating its acquisition, leaving them baffled and dissatisfied.

Can’t Buy Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Set Issue

Can’t Buy Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Set Issue
Can’t Buy Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Set Issue

Within the Remnant 2 community, the missing Realmwalker Explorer Set has gained a lot of attention. The absence of this fantastic armor set from the marketplace has players asking why. Others wonder if there’s a trick to unlock it, while some think it might be a fault or glitch that has to be fixed.

Explorer bug, asking for help
by u/RighteousKeitt in remnantgame

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official solution for this problem as of yet. The issue is recognized by the developers, who are making active efforts to fix it. They are aware of how crucial it is for gamers to have access to all of the game’s material.

Patience is essential in instances like these. Watch for updates from the developers on any advancements made in fixing this issue. You may be sure that they are making an effort to discover a solution so that everyone can take part in their thrilling experiences as members of the exclusive Realmwalker Explorer Club!

While we wait for word on when we can finally put on our coveted Realmwalker armor set, continue exploring other thrilling Remnant 2 features! Stay tuned and keep destroying your foes with flair!

Fix: Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set Missing From Shop

Fix: Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set Missing From Shop
Fix: Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set Missing From Shop

It’s frustrating for players to experience this bug while painstakingly satisfying the conditions. Fear not, for we are here to present you with a detailed guide that not only goes into the complexities of this situation but also offers effective methods to conquer it. Join us on this adventure as we negotiate the maze of fixes to ensure you emerge victorious in your pursuit of the coveted armor set.

Rerolling the Campaign

Step 1: First, roll the campaign back.

  • Start your adventure by starting a campaign reroll.
  • This procedure offers a potential solution to the problem of the missing armor set.
  • Explore the surroundings and start down this path of renewal.

Step 2: Continue to uphold global state coherence

  • Use cautious when changing the global state as you progress through the campaign’s redesign.
  • The secret to a good resolution is consistency.
  • Avert sudden changes in the state of the world that can unintentionally make the problem worse.

Step 3: Navigate the Final Boss Arena

  • Face up against the game’s final boss by venturing into the game’s toughest trials.
  • This risky move might be the solution to finding the missing armor set.
  • Take part in combat, use your abilities, and win.

Step 4: Go back to the Ward

  • You must return to Ward 13’s security without wavering in your resolve.
  • Your efforts may have culminated at this critical point in your trip, with the armor ready and waiting for you.

Embracing the Offline Realm: A Strategic Maneuver

  • Turn off the current game’s campaign.
  • After then, restart the campaign with the survivor option, and stay offline.
  • Now continue through the campaign, being sure to check out the shops after completing each world.
  • At some point in the future, the stores will undergo a reset, at which point you will be able to purchase the Explorer set.

The Odyssey of Completion: A Different Approach

  • To begin, make sure that you are playing offline.
  • Then, re-roll one of your campaigns.
  • You are only allowed to run and finish the primary objectives.
  • Do not return to Ward 13 at any time. Thats all!

Developers’ Awareness: A Glimpse into the Horizon

It is critical to note that the Remnant 2 developers are completely aware of the missing Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set issue. While the timing for an official repair is unknown, the road to resolution does not have to be depressing. Accept the above-mentioned workarounds and techniques as allies in your search for the illusive armor set.



Many players have been frustrated by the absence of the Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set from the marketplace. Despite efforts to unlock it in-game or develop workarounds, no definite solution appears to exist at this time.

The developers have noted the bug and are working on a solution. It’s encouraging to hear that they’re aware of the issue and working to solve it. Hopefully, players will be able to obtain and enjoy the much sought-after Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set in future updates or patches.

Until then, all we can do is wait patiently and keep an eye out for any new information on this problem. Meanwhile, enjoy your Remnant 2 adventures while keeping a watch out for any updates on the missing armor set.

Remember that bugs are an unfortunate part of gaming at times, but rest assured that developers are committed to giving their users with a first-rate experience. We can remain optimistic that these types of challenges will be rectified sooner rather than later, thanks to their devotion and the support of people like you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post on the missing Remnant 2 Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set. We hope this post has given you some insight into what may be causing this issue, as well as some solutions to try until an official fix is published. Have fun gaming!

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