How To Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book

Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book: Are you curious about how to make your PC appear as a Samsung Galaxy Book? Whether it’s for testing purposes, emulation, or just for fun, spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book can be an exciting experiment. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind spoofing and guide you through the process step-by-step. So grab your virtual toolbox and get ready to delve into the world of PC spoofing!

What is the Need to Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book

Need to Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book
Need to Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book

In the world of technology, there are endless possibilities and experiments that we can undertake. Spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book is one such intriguing endeavor. But you might be wondering, why would anyone want to do this in the first place? Allow me to shed some light on this matter.

One reason for spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book is testing compatibility. Developers often need different devices for testing their applications or websites. By spoofing your PC, you can simulate the experience of using a Samsung Galaxy Book without actually needing the physical device.

Another possibility is emulation. Some individuals enjoy experiencing different operating systems and interfaces without having multiple devices at hand. By spoofing your PC to appear as a Samsung Galaxy Book, you can explore its unique features and functionality.

Furthermore, there’s always room for fun and experimentation in the tech world! For those who thrive on trying out new things, spoofing offers an exciting opportunity to play around with different platforms and user experiences.

While there may not be a specific “need” per se to spoof your PC into thinking it’s a Samsung Galaxy Book, it opens up doors for innovation, convenience, and exploration within the realms of technology. So if you’re ready to dive into this fascinating venture – let’s move on!

What Does Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book Means?

What Does Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book Means?
What Does Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book Means?

Spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book refers to the process of mimicking the characteristics and behavior of a Samsung Galaxy Book on your computer. This allows you to experience using your PC as if it were a Samsung Galaxy Book, giving you access to all its features and functionalities.

By spoofing your PC, you can enjoy the benefits of a portable device without having to physically own one. It opens up new possibilities for productivity, entertainment, and convenience. Whether you want to test out an app or game that’s only available on mobile devices or simply prefer the user interface of a tablet, spoofing provides a solution.

This tweak involves modifying certain settings and emulating the software environment of a Samsung Galaxy Book. There are various methods available to achieve this, including automatic tools or manual configuration.

Spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book expands your computing possibilities by simulating the experience of using a portable device on your computer. With proper precautions in place, this tweak can enhance your digital lifestyle and provide new avenues for exploration.

How To Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book

Follow these simple steps given below you can Spoof Your PC To A Samsung Galaxy Book:

Automatic Method

Automatic Method
Automatic Method

One of the easiest ways to spoof your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book is by using an automatic method. This method requires you to download and install a script that will do all the work for you.

  • Download the Script: Download the ‘Mask Galaxy Book‘ batch file from GitHub.
  • Install the script: When the file is run, a prompt will show up. Select “YES” from the menu.
  • Restart your PC: Your computer will be changed as a Galaxy Book after resuming.

Manual Method

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book, the manual method might be just what you need. This method requires a bit more technical knowledge and can take some time, but it allows for greater customization and control over the process.


  1. Access Registry Editor: Press Windows+R, input regedit, and hit “Enter”.
  3. Modify Values: Change the original SystemManufacturer and SystemProductName to:
    • SystemManufacturer: Samsung
    • SystemProductName: NP960XFG-KC4UK
  4. Save and Restart: Confirm the changes and reboot your PC.

Remember that manually spoofing your PC does require some technical know-how and patience. If at any point during this process things seem too complicated or overwhelming, it’s always best to seek assistance from someone with experience in this area.

How to Verify If Your PC is Spoofed to a Samsung Galaxy Book

When it comes to spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book, one important step is verifying that the spoof has been successful. This helps ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits of using your PC as if it were a Samsung Galaxy Book.

  1. Use Samsung Apps: Install a Samsung-specific app (like the Notes app) on your non-Samsung PC. If it runs without hiccups, the spoofing was successful.
  2. Check via Registry Editor:
    • Access the Registry Editor as mentioned previously.
    • Validate that the values for SystemManufacturer and SystemProductName match those mentioned above.

How to Remove this Tweak

If you’ve decided that spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book is no longer necessary or if you’re experiencing any issues with the tweak, it’s important to know how to remove it. Fortunately, undoing this tweak is relatively simple.

  • For the Automatic Method: Delete the GalaxyBookMask.bat file located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp\GalaxyBookMask.bat.
  • For the Manual Method: Access the Registry Editor and revert the values of SystemManufacturer and SystemProductName to their initial settings.

Remember that removing this tweak will vary depending on how exactly you implemented it in the first place. It’s always a good idea to consult online resources specific to the method or software used for more detailed instructions tailored specifically for your situation.

By following these steps and reversing any changes made during the spoofing process, you should be able to effectively remove this tweak from your PC and return it back to its original state.



In this article, we have discussed the need and process of spoofing your PC to a Samsung Galaxy Book. Whether you want to experience the benefits of using a mobile device or test applications specifically designed for smartphones, spoofing can be a useful tool.

We explored two methods for achieving this – the automatic method and the manual method. The automatic method involves using software tools that simplify the process and ensure accuracy. On the other hand, if you prefer more control over the process, you can opt for the manual method which requires some technical knowledge but allows for customization.

To verify if your PC is successfully spoofed to a Samsung Galaxy Book, there are various indicators such as system information display and compatibility with smartphone applications. These signs will confirm whether your PC has been successfully transformed into a virtual Samsung Galaxy Book.

If at any point you decide to remove this tweak from your PC, simply follow the reverse steps mentioned in our guide or use an uninstallation tool specific to spoofing software used.

Spoofing your PC may open up new possibilities and enhance your user experience by allowing access to apps not originally available on desktop platforms. However, it’s important to remember that these modifications should always be done within legal boundaries and with respect for user privacy.

So go ahead and explore all that spoofs have to offer! Unlock new features, enjoy mobile-exclusive apps on a larger screen, and take advantage of seamless integration between devices through this unique tweaking option.

Remember: with great power comes great responsibility! Keep experimenting responsibly while enjoying all that technology has to offer!

Happy Spoofing!

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