Camera Disabled After Unlocking Bootloader On Galaxy Z Fold 5

Camera Disabled After Unlocking Bootloader On Galaxy Z Fold 5: Unlocking the bootloader on your Galaxy Z Fold 5 can be an exciting endeavor, opening up a world of possibilities for customization and exploration. However, some users have encountered a frustrating issue after unlocking their device: the camera becomes disabled. This unexpected glitch has sparked lively discussions in forums as users seek answers and solutions. In this article, we dive into the forum discourse surrounding this problem, share comments from affected individuals, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix the camera disabled issue on your Galaxy Z Fold 5. So if you’ve found yourself facing this roadblock, fret not! We’re here to help you get back to capturing those picture-perfect moments in no time. Let’s delve into the discussion!

Forum Discussion on Camera Disabling Issue

Forum Discussion on Camera Disabling Issue
Forum Discussion on Camera Disabling Issue

Following bootloader unlocking, a growing number of Galaxy Z Fold 5 owners report that their camera becomes dysfunctional. When you try to open the Camera app, you get a warning and an error message that says, “Camera is malfunctioning.”

This issue isn’t limited to the native camera app. Even third-party alternatives, such as GCam ports and open-source camera programs, have been rendered inoperable by users. It should be noted, however, that the issue is not widespread. This issue has mostly been reported on Taiwanese devices with the model number SM-F9460.

Comments from Users

The camera disabling issue after unlocking the bootloader on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 has sparked numerous discussions on various forums. Users from all over have been sharing their experiences and seeking solutions to this frustrating problem.

One user, Jirachi720 , expressed his disappointment with the camera suddenly becoming disabled after he unlocked the bootloader. He mentioned how he had been excited about customizing his device but was now left without a fully functional camera. Many other users echoed similar sentiments, stating that they regretted unlocking the bootloader due to this specific issue.

byu/crashcarson from discussion

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this ongoing issue as we continue our efforts in finding a comprehensive solution!

Benefits of Unlocked Bootloader

  • Benefits of Bootloader Access:
    • Bootloader access offers several advantages, including the ability to run custom ROMs and gain root access.
  • Known Drawbacks and Risks:
    • There are well-known drawbacks and risks associated with bootloader access, such as potential data loss and warranty voiding.
  • Specific Risk for Samsung Users:
    • Samsung users, in particular, face additional risks due to the hardware e-fuse.
  • Impact on Knox:
    • The hardware e-fuse, when triggered, can affect the functionality of Knox, making it challenging to restore it to its original state, even if the kernel is relocked.

How to Fix Camera Disabled After Unlocking Bootloader On Galaxy Z Fold 5

Camera Disabled After Unlocking Bootloader On Galaxy Z Fold 5
Camera Disabled After Unlocking Bootloader On Galaxy Z Fold 5

Reports from users of other Galaxy models provide a ray of hope. These individuals overcame similar issues by changing and faking the smartphone’s fingerprint to look like another Android handset. If you’re in this situation and want to try this method, you can Follow similar steps.

There are some steps you can take to fix this problem and get your camera back up and running.

  • Restart Your Device:
    • Try restarting your device to resolve minor software glitches that may disable the camera.
  • Check for Software Updates:
    • Check for available software updates as manufacturers often release updates to address known issues. Updating your phone’s software may resolve compatibility issues caused by the unlocked bootloader.
  • Consider a Factory Reset:
    • If updating your phone doesn’t work, consider performing a factory reset. Remember to back up important data first, as this will erase all data on your device.
  • Uninstall Third-Party Apps or Revert Changes:
    • Third-party apps or modifications made during the bootloader unlocking process can sometimes interfere with the camera. Try uninstalling recently installed apps or reverting any changes made during unlocking.
  • Contact Samsung Support:
    • If none of these solutions work, reach out to Samsung customer support or visit an authorized service center for further assistance.



The issue of the camera being disabled after unlocking the bootloader on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 has been a cause for concern among users. While some have experienced this problem, others have found ways to fix it and get their camera back up and running.

It is important to note that unlocking the bootloader can potentially void your warranty and may lead to unexpected issues with your device. Therefore, it is always advised to proceed with caution and be aware of the risks involved.

If you find yourself facing this camera disabling issue after unlocking the bootloader on your Galaxy Z Fold 5, we recommend trying out some of the solutions mentioned in this article. From clearing cache data to performing a factory reset or even seeking assistance from Samsung support, there are various options available that might help resolve the problem.

However, it’s worth mentioning that these methods may not guarantee a successful resolution for everyone. Each individual’s experience may vary depending on various factors such as software versions, modifications made during bootloader unlock process, etc.

Before attempting any fixes or troubleshooting steps mentioned here or elsewhere online, we highly recommend backing up your data to prevent any potential loss during the process.

Remember that tinkering with system settings carries inherent risks and should only be done by those who are comfortable doing so and understand how it may impact their device’s performance or functionality.

While we hope this article has provided useful insights into addressing the camera disabled issue on Galaxy Z Fold 5 devices after unlocking bootloaders, please keep in mind that technology is constantly evolving. It’s always best to stay informed about updates from Samsung or consult official channels for latest information regarding such matters related to your smartphone.

If you’re unsure about making changes or encountering persistent issues even after following recommended steps – reaching out to Samsung customer support would be advisable for professional guidance tailored specifically for your situation.

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