Download Android 12 For supported Smartphones

Download Android 12 Rom for All Supported Android phones

This year too is no exception for the launch of Google’s Android Software update. The 3rd DP is now out for Pixel devices and it will be not long for Google to officially release Android 12 for all smartphones. So here is a guide on how to Download Android 12 For supported Smartphones. 

Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Pixel 3a and 3a XL, Pixel 4 and 4 XL, Pixel 4a and 4a (5G), and Pixel 5 are the 9 Google pixel devices that have received Android 12 3rd Developer Preview. Although the update is not yet fully baked but is on its way to getting tasted by the public. The launch of Android 12 could be anytime soon and mostly later this year.

Now I know it can be hard for tech geeks to abstain for so long from the latest sweet treat from Google and so, if you do not have the patience and cannot wait for enough, then here is a guide to Download Android 12 For supported Smartphones.

Android 12 Features

If you are too wondering about what will Android 12 bring, then here are some of the latest features from Android 12.

  • Screenshot markup options – Android 12 has brought the Pixel exclusive feature to markup screenshots in addition to options like adding emoji, text, and even stickers to them.
  • Media Player Interface – Google has significantly enlarged the Media Player interface bringing notable UI Changes to the OS. The media player now takes almost the entire space of the screen with an adjusted layout and takes more screen on the Lockscreen too.
  • App hibernation – This amazing feature will put the apps to sleep that are not being used currently so that they consume less power and also free up space at the same time.
  • Nearby WiFi Sharing – Android 11 successfully brought along the Easy WiFi sharing option where users could access WiFi by scanning QR Code. However, now the process seems to have become much easier with the ‘Nearby’ button. All one has to do is tap on the Nearby option to access WiFi.
  • Tweaked Settings Menu – There have been some changes made to the Tweaked Settings menu with regards to the design of a smaller search bar with rounded corners. There is a little revamping in the toggles as well.
  • AVIF Image format Support – Competing successfully with the JPEG Format in clarity and without compromising the file size, now the AVIF Image format is supported by Android 12.
  • Wallpaper-based theming system – Looks like Google is taking wallpaper and aesthetics pretty seriously now. The Android 12 build has brought along a wallpaper-based theming system that will synchronize the coloring of the theme on your device with that of the wallpaper. Isn’t that cool now?
  • Haptic Coupled Audio Effect – Google has introduced the Haptic Coupled Audio Effect so as to let developers mate the haptic feedback patterns with audio.
  • One-handed Mode – This feature was present from the first Developer preview as a hidden feature but was introduced in the second DP. It is somewhat similar to the one-handed mode in apple devices. Users will have to activate this feature from the Settings and then swipe down anywhere at the bottom of the display and it would bring down the upper half of the screen.

There are also some rumored features that might come to Android 12 in the development process –

  • Rolling Screenshot option – For a long time, these features have been awaited by Android users. Although they still can take rolling screenshots on Android for this they will have to download a third-party app. This can be a little too much for many users to do so we hope that this rumor comes true and users get the in-built option to take rolling screenshots.
  • Multitask app pairs features – This is yet another crucial feature that might make its appearance in the latest Android 12 update. Basically, this App pairs feature allows users to manage 2 apps at a time by grouping them together as one task. This will allow multitasking for Android 12 users.
  • Android OS Updates directly from the Play Store – According to a few sources, Google is in the process of adding Android Runtime ART as a mainline module in Android 12 which will let Google push the Android updates through the Google Play Store. So unlike the Over the Air updates, users can now update their Android devices through Google Play Store.
  • New Emoji – It is being said that a new emoji which will be based on Unicode Emoji 13.1 will be introduced in Android 12 too.
  • Long Press Power Button to Launch Assistant – Word is that now long pressing the power button will launch Assistant in the Android 12 build.

Download Android 12 For supported Smartphone

As of now Only Google Devices like Pixel 4a, Pixel 5a are eligible to Download Android 12 for Mobile. But As being said that almost all companies in the market are running in the race to roll out Android 12 Update for their android phones.

Below is the link to Download Android 12 For almost every smartphone, You can directly Download Update and flash on your smartphone.

Download Android 12 ROM For Google Pixel Phone

Android 12

Download Android 12 Rom for Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Is the Next Big Smartphone manufacturer in the list which Will Release Android 12 for their Devices Very Soon, So if you are also interested in downloading Android 12 for Samsung Android phone you can Follow the Link Below and Install it on your android Phone.

Android 12 Samsung

Download Android 12 for Xiaomi Mobile Phone

Xiaomi is Heavily Working on Miui 12.5, And according to some sources, the Flagship devices of Xiaomi will get Miui 12.5 based on Android 12 very soon.  So if you are A Xiaomi user and planning to Get Hands on the latest Miui 12.5 with android 12 You can visit their official Website and check if Latest Variant for your Mi phone is Released or not.

Xiaomi Android 12

Download Android 12 for Poco Phone

Xiaomi and Poco both are Same companies that operate with different names, Xiaomi is known for high-end smartphones with costlier smartphones whereas the Poco brand is famous for Releasing smartphones with aggressive pricing but High-end specifications.

So If you are looking to Download the Android 12 Update for the Poco phone then you can visit the Same Xiaomi official website and Search rom for your smartphone.

Download android 12 Update for Vivo Smartphones

Vivo is very close to Release android 12 Update for its most popular android smartphones, So if you are a Vivo user then you can Install Android 12 on your Vivo device. That being said that as of now only Some Vivo Flagship devices are eligible to Get a New android 12 On their android Phone.

Still, you can always go to the Vivo Official website and check if your android phone is there in the list or not.

Vivo Android 12

Download Android 12 Update For Oppo Smartphones

Vivo and Oppo are the Same Smartphone brands, but just like Xiaomi and Oppo they also Operate with Different Names under the same company. Vivo Has its own FuntouchOS whereas Oppo runs on ColorOs.

Just like Vivo Only some of the Oppo Devices will be Able to Get Android 12 Updates as of now, So if you are an oppo user you can Install Android 12 on your Oppo device after downloading it from Below.

Oppo Android 12

Download Android 12 For Realme Devices

Realme is the Counterfit of Redmi Devices, When Xiaomi launched redmi as an online-only Brand then Oppo also launched Realme Smartphones. All though relame proved to be one of the best Budget Smartphones brand.

If you are a realme user then you can check if an android Update for your device is released or not.

Android 12 Realme

Download Android 12 For Oneplus Devices

Usually, Oneplus is among the First Smartphone Manufacturers who roll out the latest android version before anyone else can. This is the reason Oxygen OS is considered one of the best Android OS.

As Now Oneplus has Released only Some Devices, So There are pretty strong chances that almost 70% of one plus devices will get Android 12 Update.

The process to Download Android 12 Update for Oneplus device is very easy, As all you need to do is just visit their official website and Get the download package for your Oneplus Device from there.

Oneplus Android 12

You can now download and install Android 12 on supported devices using the below guide where we will be using the Android Flash tool. 

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Android Flash Tool. 
  2. In your browser, allow the website to access ADB. 
  3. Now enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging on your device. For this, go to Settings> About Phone> Tap on Build Number 7-8 times> Go back to Settings main page. You will see a new option – Developers Option. Tap on it. Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.
  4. Now connect your Device to the PC using USB Cables.
  5. Select your device from the pop-up that appears on the screen and then simply follow the instructions given on the screen to install the beta.

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I hope you all could easily Download Android 12 For supported smartphones. In case of any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Stay tuned with us for more such helpful posts!

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