Samsung FRP Tool | Remove FRP Lock From Samsung Devices

Samsung FRP Tool is the tool to unlock the FRP of Samsung devices. So Are you a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user? Did you hard reset your device to clear all the settings? Well, then you might have struck with the FRP lock on your device. Maybe that is the reason you are here! Before you get worried about your device, let me tell you that you are in the right place! In the article we are going to cover everything about FRP Lock and how can you remove FRP Lock from Samsung devices. Also in this list, we will share the list of Top 10 Samsung Frp tool of 2022.


Samsung FRP Helper Tool V0.2 Latest Version

When your Frp bypasses your phone you can reset it to factory condition easily Without any issue, It is one of the most useful tools for Samsung Galaxy Devices.

Not only this is one of the best Samsung Frp Tool, Which you can use to Bypass frp lock on any Android phone and especially Samsung Devices.

It is no wonder to anyone of you if I say – Samsung devices are world-famous. Even though the company sells its smartphones for a very high price compared to the likes of Xiaomi and Realme, people buy Samsung smartphones.

There are many reasons for that, but, brand value and reliability are the primary reasons. And maybe that is the reason you ended up buying a Samsung smartphone. Now that we are discussing Samsung let us also discuss a few key facts and details about the company, Shall we?

Did you know that the first Samsung Galaxy smartphone was released in the year 2009? Ever since then this line-up, which is “Galaxy” did gain a lot of popularity. For the past eleven years, the company has released more than seventy devices in the line-up. As we already know Samsung’s rival is Apple ever since they entered the smartphone market, but like Apple, they don’t just release higher-priced phones.

I mean, Samsung does have many series of models targeted to a different set of consumers. There are S-series and Note series which are directly targeted to the business class consumers. Likewise, there are also M-series and J-series targeted at students and budget smartphone seekers.

As mentioned earlier the company makes smartphones for each and every price point covering almost every smartphone availability range. They have more than seventy devices in the entire Galaxy line-up and recently company did register six new devices under the Galaxy A-series and two under M-series.

Samsung FRP unlock tool

Tool NameSamsung FRP Tool
File Format7z ZIP
Updated on11/02/2022

Samsung has sold more than 2.5 billion smartphones to date. That means more than 30% of people on earth are using Samsung Galaxy devices. Also, Samsung is currently working on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy S11 series or Galaxy S20 series of smartphones.

All the Samsung Galaxy devices run Android OS with Samsung’s trademarked skin on top. In the beginning, Samsung used to release its smartphones with Stock Android. But later they have decided to develop their own UI.

The first Samsung Galaxy proprietary UX is Touch Wiz UI which has a huge fan base. With the time and major developments in Android, Samsung had to discontinue the Touch Wiz. They have done a lot of modifications to the UI and brought out the Samsung Galaxy UX.

The Experience UX from Samsung was a huge disaster. Phones running the Experience UX got a huge hit on the performance side of things. So Samsung has done their homework and brought us the One UI.

If you are using an old Samsung device that runs either of the Touch Wiz UI or Samsung Experience UX, then in order to fix lags and shutters you might reset or hard reset your smartphone when it is bricked. In such cases, you will be blocked at the FRP lock. Here you will have to enter the previous Google username/ email and password to unlock the FRP.

Most of you might have entered some random details and login into the device with fake or incorrect details. Or there are a lot of chances where you might have forgotten the password. Well, in such cases, the FRP lock should either be removed manually by entering the previous credentials or you will have to by-pass the whole thing.

Download Samsung FRP Tool Latest Version

Samsung FRP Helper Tool

What is FRP Lock?

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. As the name itself explains it is some kind of protection that Google has introduced with Android 5.1. To be straight up this is something like an iCloud lock on Apple devices but the only difference is anyone can bypass it. So this FRP protects other users to access the content of the phone. This comes really handy when your phone got stolen. But, it does affect the original users though.

There are a lot of tools available in the online world, but the FRP bypass tool by Hagard is one of the highest-rated and recommended tools by users. Without any further discussion, let us quickly jump into the process of Bypassing FRP unlock on the Samsung devices, Shall we?

Bypass Samsung FRP

As discussed earlier, we are going to use the FRP remover tool this time. Samsung Frp unlock tool is developed by Hagard. What makes this application stand out from the others is the user interface and lite application size. Moreover, the application is very easy to use without complications of any sort. Before we start all the required links will be provided in the download section below. Make sure you install them properly before using the main application.

  1. Download Samsung USB drivers.
  2. Once downloaded, navigate to the downloaded folder and find the
  3. Now right click on the zip and select extract to For this step, you will either require WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  4. Now Double click and run the setup. Click next and select the directory where you would like to install the Samsung Drivers. It is recommended to install on the C directory.
  5. It takes 15 to 20 seconds to install the drivers. Once it is done you will be greeted with your setup is done. Now click on Finish to close the installer. That’s it, you have installed the Samsung drivers on your PC.
  6. After installing the Samsung drivers, download the Microsoft .net framework from the download section below.
  7. Run the setup of downloaded .exe. Now select the directory you would like to install this service and select on the install. Once it installs, click on finish.
  8. Now it is time for us to install the main application. Go ahead and download the Samsung FRP tool by Hagard from the download section below.
  9. Once downloaded, extract it. Now run the setup.
  10. If asked for the password, then type
  11. Now select the directory and install it. Once the installation is finished you will be greeted with Installation complete and that’s all.
  12. You have now successfully installed the Samsung FRP tool.

  1. Open the Samsung FRP unlocker tool.
  2. Under FRP Lock, select your device from the pop-down list. The device names are not mentioned here, only the model numbers are mentioned.
  3. If you are not sure of your device model number, you can Google it by searching ‘Model number of Samsung Galaxy (XYZ Device).
  4. Once the model number is selected, put your device into download mode.
  5. To enter download mode, press and hold all the keys together. Once you receive a pop-up select it by clicking volume up.
  6. Now you will be able to see whether your device is connected or not in the application.
  7. Once you are sure that the device is connected, hit that unlock button and allow it for a Samsung to get over with the process.
  8. That is it. Now you have successfully bypass FRP lock on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

This is the latest version of the Samsung tool and it supports all smartphones launched in 2022, Not only 2022 but you can also use this tool for upcoming devices of 2022. Also, some of the users were complaining about the device not getting detected so we have fixed that as well


Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed Samsung FRP Tool, it is time for me to bid you adieu. If this article helped you to Bypass the FRP, do share this with your friends and family who are using Samsung Galaxy smartphones. For more posts like this stay tuned with us. Till next time, Stay Techy!

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